The Banquet is a soup kitchen that provides breakfast and supper to hungry people. Grace Lutheran serves breakfast at The Banquet generally in August. Volunteers are needed to cook the breakfast and more are needed to serve

The Food Pantry provides groceries to families in need. Grace collects items for the Food Pantry year-round. A collection bucket is under the Church and Society table in the narthex, but has a special emphasis during January and February when the Food Pantry often receives fewer donations.

Lunch is Served provides sack lunches for Day Laborers. Grace members pack lunches to be given to the Day Labor site and the St. Francis House.

St. Dysmas is the ELCA congregation inside the State Penitentiary. Grace is a mission partner of St. Dysmas and we provide monthly monetary support for this congregation. Once a year up to 12 Grace members can worship with St. Dysmas inside the prison.

Ideal Community: Grace has a companion community on the Rosebud Indian Reservation. We collect seasonal clothing which can be placed in the bins at the bottom of the stairs near the nursery. We also do a mitten tree at Christmas and provide school supplies for the children of Ideal in August.

Heartland Ephphatha provides word and sacrament ministry for deaf people. Grace provides for this outreach which is housed at Peace Lutheran.

Pueblo de Dios is the ELCA congregation reaching out to Hispanic people in Sioux Falls. Grace is a mission partner of this congregation.

Community Outreach is a cooperative effort by Sioux Falls churches to provide help and support to families in need in Sioux Falls. We provide monthly financial support to Community Outreach.

Marty’s Mug is a ministry to young adults in the Sioux Falls area. Groups gather to discuss faith topics at either a local pub or coffee shop. Grace provides financial support along with encouraging young adults to attend.

Collections: Grace Lutheran collects various in-kind donations throughout the year. These items may be placed on the table or in the 4-drawer cabinet just outside the sanctuary doors.

  • Yarn for St. Dysmas: We provide yarn which inmates knit into caps for many ministries to people in need.
  • Baby-care Kits: The Women of Grace put together baby-care kits for Lutheran World Relief. A list of the items is available on the table.
  • Personal Hygiene Kits: The Women of Grace also put together hygiene kits for Lutheran World Relief. Again a list is available on the table.
  • Items Collected in the 4-Drawer Cabinet:
    • Eye Glasses for the Lion’s Club
    • Used Postage Stamps
    • Labels for Education and Land-O-Lakes milk carton lids
    • Used printer ink cartridges
    • Hotel-sized toiletries
    • Pop can tabs for the Ronald McDonald House
    • Old cell phones to be given to people who need a phone for emergency purposes.