Music and Arts Ministry

Celebrant Choir

This group welcomes singer of all abilities and backgrounds from high

school age on up. The group rehearses on Wednesday evenings during the school

year and sings for four worship services each month and for special services.

Hand Chime Choir

This group is made up of players high school aged through adult. The group rehearses Wednesday evenings and plays monthly. Middle School Youth and 5th Graders play hand chimes for Sunday school music and play occasionally for worship.

Singing Men and Singing Women

These are smaller choir groups that sing occasionally for worship. They rehearse either before or after choir.

Instrumental and Vocal Soloist and Ensembles

These musicians share music on occasion. There are ensembles for youth strings, adult strings, flutes, and brass. Talk to Pastor Siri or Daren Miller, the choir director if you are interested in taking part in special music or being part of an ensemble.

Grace Alive

This group is a more contemporary worship team that leads the services every six weeks or so. It is made up of singers and instrumentalists.

If you are interested in being a part of this group, talk to Pastor Siri.