We’re going into the “long green season” of the church year as we come to June. The first half of the church year focuses on the life of Christ, from Advent when we anticipate his birth through the day of Pentecost when we celebrate the coming of the Spirit after Jesus’ ascension into heaven. The second half of the church year focuses on discipleship and what it means to live as a follower of Jesus. It’s called the long green season because the paraments and the color of the season is green.

It’s green also because we are encouraged through these weeks to grow in faith and in following Jesus. Discipleship is not always easy. This month we hear the words that Jesus sends us out like sheep among wolves. We hear that Jesus brings turmoil to the world. As Jesus comes, he brings a new way of being and living and that is not always well received. But even as we make our way as disciples of Jesus in the world, we have the promise of his presence with us. We begin the season with Trinity Sunday which acknowledges that our God creates, redeems, and empowers. We do not walk the way of discipleship on our own, but the triune God is with us all the way. When we were baptized in the name of God – Father, Son, and Spirit – we received that promise of presence. We also have the community of disciples surrounding us and sustaining us as we walk the way together.

We are gifts to one another and we encourage each other, uplift each other, and also challenge one another to grow in faith both individually and as a congregation.

May your summer be filled with life and growth and we live in the long, green season of 2023.           

Blessings on your June!       

                                Pastor Siri