May is a month of milestones as the school-year ministry programs wrap up.We say thank you to Sunday school teachers for their work with our children and youth to help them grow in faith and knowledge of God.We recognize the learning of young students who have been learning the Lord’s Prayer and 10 Commandments.We give thanks for mothers.We recognize and give thanks for all those who serve as Shepherds in the congregation lifting up each one of us in prayer.We say thank you to all the musicians who lead us in worship.We recognize our graduating senior and bless her as she heads off the next adventure in life.May is a month of milestones.

Ministry doesn’t end, though, with the end of the school year.It continues on throughout the summer wherever we find ourselves.Whether we are at home or on the road, in our backyards or at the lake or a campground in the coming days and weeks, we know that the risen Christ goes with us.Wherever we are, we have opportunities to live our faith and share our faith with those around us.

The church stays busy with camp, weekly activities, and VBS. We still have Bible study and worship. W e still pray and visit those in need. We serve those in need. God’s people, the church, stay busy with work and vacation activity as well. We all can study scripture and worship, pray and visit, and serve those in need wherever we are.

The school year may be ending, but the work of God’s people is not. Your heart and hands and feet are used by God to bless the world around you even as you are blessed by God.How will you be growing in God and serving God this summer?

Blessings on your month of May!

Pastor Siri

PS: Thank you for the birthday cards and greetings.