Not long ago, I attended Pie with the Bishop, which is an evening when staff of our Synod Office share some of what they have been working on and encourage the pastors and leaders of the Synod to consider the benevolence gifts that their congregations will give in the coming year.

Pastor Bill Tesch led a devotional on treasure.He used the verses from Matthew about storing up treasures in heaven that ends, “Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.

Usually when we think about treasure, or about giving of our treasure, we think first of our heart.What are we passionate about?What place or cause or ministry do we want to see succeed?Where our hearts are, there we put our treasure.When we think about it, we would say, “Where your heart is, there your treasure will be.”But Jesus has flipped that.He says where your treasure goes, your heart will follow.He is encouraging us, his disciples, to reflect on where we put our treasure.And our treasure includes more than just money — it’s our time, it’s our abilities, it’s all we are and have.Where do we put those things?Wherever that is, our heart will follow — for good or ill.

We all want to lead lives that matter.We want to be people who serve God and follow the ways of Christ.As we seek to do this, we are called to be mindful of where we put ourselves and all that we have.Our heart will go there.That doesn’t mean that we spend 24/7 in church or that every last dime we have goes into the offering plate.But it does mean that if we seek to serve God, how we live, how we spend, how we act, how we are — wherever that is — we should seek to be people of the good news of God.We do serve God through the church.This is a place where you and your family can be strengthened in faith and in serving.It is a place where you can be “recharged” for your week.It is a place where, if you invest your treasure, you will get a good return on that investment.Through your gifts, you change lives and hearts.

In a month, we will be making our offering commitments for 2019.Think about, pray about, begin to determine what part of your treasure you would like to give to God and His ministry through Grace.When you give to God, your heart goes to God.God will work in you to multiply all your gifts and fill you with the joy of serving and making a difference in this world.

Blessings on your October! Pastor Siri