Advent has begun and we are counting the days to the celebration of Christmas.  This looks to be another holiday that we will celebrate in a different way in the midst of the pandemic.  But we know that Christmas comes no matter how we celebrate, for Christmas is the work of God.  Jesus comes no matter what is happening in our world and no matter how we celebrate.

This year our Advent theme focuses on the Light of Christ dawning on our world.  We live in what might be called a dark time, but the promise of God is that the “light shines in the darkness and the darkness does not overcome it.”

As I thought about Advent this year, I wondered what we could do as a church to bring hope and the promise of the light to our community.  In this newsletter is an Advent calendar of prayer for those who have been on the front lines of the pandemic.  It also encourages you to send thank you cards to the people and places that have been working hard for health and wholeness.  I encourage you to do this.  I wonder what the impact will be to have these words of gratitude spread in the community.  You may not know people personally, but words of encouragement even from a stranger can have a powerful impact.  Send a thank you to your clinic, to a nursing home, a community leader, a teacher or school.  The light of Christ will shine through you and others will know that light shines in the darkness.

Thank you for all you have done in 2020 in ministry through this congregation.  You are signs of hope in a weary world. 

A blessed Advent and Merry Christmas to you all from me and Jeff, Anna and Jorey.  Blessings on your December!

Pastor Siri

Thank you for all the cards and greetings of support and sympathy for me and my whole family on the death of my father.  We can feel your support.  Like many during these days, we will be having a family service at a later date.