School-year ministries and activities are back in full swing at the church. There is a lot of energy and excitement in the building and pouring out into the community. It’s good to have the spirit alive and well at Grace.

One event that is returning after a two-year covid hiatus is our Soup and Sweets Supper. We are planning to host the community for supper on Sunday, October 2. We will serve a wonderful meal for all who come through the doors. I have received a couple of phone calls from people wondering if and when this event is going to happen, so people have been waiting to receive our hospitality. This event brings together our church community as we provide food and welcome and service together for our neighbors. This event brings our neighborhood together as people gather in the fellowship hall to eat together and share time with one another. This event impacts our greater community as we share the proceeds with people in need. This year, some of the proceeds will go to Food to You which provides groceries to hungry families. I encourage you to sign up to help in some way with this event. It is such a blessing to all who are touched by it.

There are also a couple of milestones for children and youth this month. Our four-year-olds receive prayer pillows so that they might learn to pray. Our sophomores will affirm their baptisms during the confirmation service on Reformation Sunday. As these milestones happen, it reminds us all to be active in our own faith lives – staying connected to God through prayer, re-affirming our faith in the one who showers us with grace and love. As we celebrate these steps on their faith journey, we take our own steps in growing deeper in faith with God and in community with one another.

The Spirit is indeed moving in and through Grace Lutheran. May the Spirit move in you as you live out your calling to be a disciple of Jesus.

Blessings on your October!                                                                                    

Pastor Siri