Worship on January 3, concludes the Christmas season with the great scripture of Jesus, the Word made flesh from the first chapter of the gospel of John.  Jesus is the word that God speaks definitively and decisively in the world. As the season of Epiphany unfolds this year, the scriptures we hear talks about the power of the Word that is Jesus.  God speaks and there is creation and new creation.  Jesus speaks and a community — the kingdom of God — is called together.  Jesus speaks, and that community is sent out into the world to live the word that it has heard in Christ.  The word of God is a word of authority; it brings healing.  The season will end, and we will hear the voice of God say, “Jesus is my son.  Listen to him.”

In a world of many voices, each calling us in a different direction, we can trust the word of God which will lead us toward life — a fullness of life now and life forever with God.  Hold fast to the word that you have heard and seen and experienced in Christ.  This word abides forever and it speaks grace in all things.

Blessings to you this January as we look into the new year with hope.  We may still be in the midst of taking Covid-19 precautions, but we look forward to the day in this year of 2021, when we will be able to gather again, sing together again, and share a meal.  I am already imagining that day when we fully reopen the church building.  It will be joyous! 

Peace and grace to you!

Pastor Siri Sorenson